Storeviva is not only an inventory management software, it comes integrated with logistics services.

Inventory management

Inventory management on Storeviva can be broken down into two: product management and location management.

Product management

The following features are available for product management

  • Saving information such as sku, images, and price
  • Category management
  • Bundling of products
  • Product variants
  • Product serial numbers

Location management

  • Able to define locations
  • Transfer of inventory to different locations
  • Stock taking at location
  • Adjustment of quantity at location

Sales order management

The following features are available for sales order management

  • Sales order management
  • Receiving sales orders
  • Stock transfer orders
  • Returns from customers

Delivery management

The following features are available for delivery management

  • Creation of local delivery order
  • Creation of international delivery order
  • Delivery history


Storeviva subscribers gain access to the following reports

  • Sales report
  • Stock summary report
  • Inventory report
  • Transaction history report
  • Delivery status report

More features

It is not possible to list down everything we have on Storeviva. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We are also open to feedback.

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