Book Same Day Courier Service in Singapore

You may book local delivery services within Singapore using the form below. Payment will be in credit card. If you prefer to pay in cash, or have special requests, please contact our support. We will give you a tracking number and a confirmation email once the order is processed. Rates start from $7 and as follows:

One hand(0-5kg, 0-80cm) Two hand(5-10kg, 80-120cm) Trolley(10-30kg, 120-160cm)
Base Rate $7.00 $10.00 $18.00
Distance charge $0.50/km $0.50/km $0.50/km
Max delivery rate $45.00 $45.00 $45.00

You can fill in the postal codes and select the package size in the form below to get a price quote.

Sender Information

Recipient Information

Package Information

Pickup and Delivery Time

Fill in the postal codes and select the package size to calculate shipping cost.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This delivery mode is not for parcels above 30kg or more than 160cm, please call 64767472 to enquire should you have parcels heavier than that.
  2. Dimension is calculated as Length (cm) + Width (cm) + Height (cm).
  3. This service is for delivery purpose only. It does not include additional services. No more than 10 minutes waiting time is allowed. Additional Charges can be imposed under the following situations:

    • Proof of Delivery is only available online in digital form. It is not available on paper. If you require a signed proof of delivery, please email to to register a corporate account.
    • This is payable via credit card payment only,
  4. Courex reserve the right not to deliver to areas that are remote or that required security Pass/ Clearance, Safety briefing or donning of safety gears.
  5. Our maximum liability is $100.00
  6. Pickup Timeslot is Monday-Friday (excluding PH) 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Delivery Time Slot is Monday-Saturday 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm and 6pm-10pm. Cut off time for same day pickup is booking made before 2pm. Booking made after 2pm will be pickup the next working day and delivery the following day.
  7. Perishable and dangerous products will not be accepted.