Inventory management software
with integrated
logistics services

Storeviva helps you manage your supply chain
so you can do what you do best: Selling.

Make use of our
logistics services

Storeviva subscribers enjoy discounted rates
for our warehouses, last mile delivery
and freight services

Automated synchronization
across channels

Storeviva synchronizes your inventory, orders and deliveries
to your online store, brick-and-mortar store
and online marketplaces

Use Storeviva for FREE until you've made your first sale.

Storeviva comes integrated with its own network of warehouses, last mile delivery and international freight services. Pick and choose whichever service you need.

Inventory management

Storeviva allows you to be in control of your inventory. Know which items are out of stock. Know where the items are. Know when orders come.

Integrated logistics

Storeviva is not only software, we have our own network of warehouses, last mile delivery, and international freight. You can opt to use them. Storeviva subscribers get discounted rates.

Omnichannel ready

Storeviva is integrated to many ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Such as Lazada, Ebay, Magento and others. Inventory, orders and delivery statuses are synchronized via Storeviva.

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